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As a team, we believe in the famous quote “Creativity is just thinking up new things, Innovation is doing new things!” So, Tafrishaala was established to render a definition to the creativity of the numerous aspirants in India and around the world, and nurture it to make innovation out of it!



Refine your skills with our IT Training Programs

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to provide knowledge through training, but also to create new innovations and strategies, developed with new skills and mindsets, to drive positive change in society. 

Our Mission

We aim to provide high-quality training and courses that are accessible, affordable, and informative, preparing our applicants to flourish in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Values

We focus on creativity as a key driver of success in today’s fast-paced world, aiming to foster creativity in our students and help them unlock their full potential.


About the Courses

The IT Training courses and e-learning programs can be availed not just by the students and novice level entrants but also by the professionals who are already working and yearn to learn more. The aspirants can select the courses and schedules as per their convenience. Tafrishaala courses have both online and offline tutorial options.
The courses offered by Tafrishaala aims at not just imparting knowledge and certifications to the candidates upon successful completion, but also helps in understanding the fundamentals and real time implementation of the course experience. Tafrishaala also provides on the job practical implementation through its various real time projects of the sister concerns and associated channels, best suited for the corporate world. The candidates are given the opportunity to work on live projects and thereby not just gain a certification but also an internship experience.
Tafrishaala encompasses classroom and e-learning training programs in AWS Cloud Computing, Web Designing, Web Development, PHP Development, Microsoft Azure, Digital Marketing and many more.

OUR Goals


The future is not something we wait for, it's something we create


We innovate the methodology, style and encourage trainee to create elegant solutions.


We help our trainee to think creative and fooster to develop their potential.


We evolve our programs to meet the challenging needs of trainees and the industry


We build the high quality learning hub for our trainee to enhance our skills.

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