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Let us talk about Web Development!

Are you excited to play with coding? Absolutely YES, it’s sounding like fun with code to make the website work. So, web development is the process of fabricating and maintaining websites for internet or intranet. It involves the technical and functional aspects of the website, like performance, capacity, speed, how to get data from server sides, how to get leads, how to increase reach of your business, and so on. Are you interested? If Yes, then you are on the right path, Tafrishaala, edu-tech platform, offers the best web development institute in Noida, also available in online mode. We will guide you from basic to advanced and enhance your skills and creativity. Let’s connect and enjoy your web development journey with our support.

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• Difference between HTML and XHTML.
• Why XHTML? not HTML.
• Understanding DOCTYPE.
• Understanding basic XHTML tags
• General form of a tag.
• HTML attributes.
• Basic text styling.
• HTML Heading.
• HTML Paragraph.
• HTML fonts.
• HTML colour codes.
• Hexadecimal colour coding.
• Working with table.
• Adding image to webpage.
• Working with Anchor, Image and Iframe tag.
• Working with HTML forms.
• Basic layout design using tables.
• Learning about the various deprecated tags in XHTML.

• Use of CSS.
• Three types of CSS.
• Basic CSS properties.
• Basic text styling using CSS.
• CSS Background Properties.
• CSS box model.
• Border.
• Padding.
• Margin.
• Tag selector, Id selector, Class selector, Attribute selectors.
• Grouping and Nesting of selectors.
• Pseudo classes and Pseudo elements.
• Working with DIV tags.
• Understanding DIV alignment, float and clear properties.
• Understanding CSS positions.
• Layout and template design (Building Table less websites).
• Creating simple drop down menus.
• Fixing the compatibility issues in various browsers.

• Use of JavaScript.
• JavaScript Popup boxes.
• JavaScript Events.
• Events handling.
• Manipulating DOM with JavaScript.
• JavaScript Operators.
• Control Structure.
• Writing functions.
• Tag and ID selector.
• JavaScript Objects.
• Making Lightbox with JavaScript.
• Making an image viewer with JavaScript
• Working with arrays.
• JavaScript Timers.
• Making JavaScript Image Slide Show
• JavaScript Date and Time Functions.
• JavaScript form validations using Regular Expression.
• Application of JavaScript

• What is HTML5?
• How is HTML5 different from XHTML.
• Drawbacks of XHTML.
• HTML5 future uses.
• Understanding HTML5 doctype.
• HTML5 Basic tags.
• HTML5 Advance Tags.
• Replacing XHTML Divs with HTML5 advance tags.
• Making a website template using HTML5.
• Fixing HTML5 compatibility issues in different browsers.
• Making HTML5 compatible in IE-8 and lesser using HTML5 SHIV.
• HTML5 custom data attributes.
• Holding custom data in HTML5 data attributes.
• Working with HTML5 data attributes and jQuery

• Downloading and Installing Bootstrap 3 framework.
• Understanding various Components of Bootstrap Framework.
• Working with Bootstrap Components :
o Navbar
o Menu
o Buttons
o Jumbotron
o Input groups
o Buttons
o Page Header
o Page Footer
o Forms
o Panels
• Making jQuery Slider in Bootstrap 3.
• Making Responsive GRID layout using Bootstrap GRID.
• Making a final Website Layout.

• Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
• Types of tools.
• Using Photoshop tools.
• Understanding Layers in Photoshop.
• Image gradient with Photoshop.
• Creating Custom effects.
• Merging two images in Photoshop.
• Removing and Changing backgrounds of Images.
• Making transparent backgrounds.
• Changing colour of images.
• Compressing images for use in websites.
• Image opacity.
• Creating animated banners (gif images).
• Developing Banners and Headers for websites

Key Elements of  Php Development covered in Training

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • Working with Loops
  • Dyanamic Function Flow
  • Sending Email
  • Opps Concept
  • File Directory System
  • Working With Forms
  • Ajax
  • Introduction to Database(Mysql)
  • CMS (WordPress / Magento)
  • Framework (Laravel)

• Introduction toMySQL
• Introduction to PHP MyAdmin
• Connecting to the MYSQL
• Selecting a database
• Adding data to a table
• Acquiring the value
• Finding the number of rows
• Inserting data
• Entering and updating data
• Executing multiple queries
• Exporting and Importing data tables

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